We Are Thai Massage

About Us

Reaching wellness together.

Established in 2017. Bringing the techniques of Thailand to Houston, we care for our clients and strive to bring the most relaxing, stress free environment possible, make an escape from the city without leaving the loop at We are Thai massage! I was born and raised in Thailand and have over 500 hours of study in Thai massage. I arrived in America about 6 years ago and i am happy to share my culture and skill in helping people find relief in most all of their problems. I am a licensed therapist in Texas as well and have over 500 hours of additional training in many other types of massage. I take pride in having a staff of professional therapists that are well qualified and hand picked to give our clients the best customer service. I am proud to welcome my clients to my business. I know my clients will feel comfortable and at ease when they walk in our door. A certain ” Zen like”energy is felt here, and i know our clients will feel at home at We Are Thai Massage.

We Invite You

We think massage therapy works best when it both helps you relax for a while and relieves your aches and pains.
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