We Are Thai Massage

We Are Thai Massage

Thai Massage is Thai tradition healing practice combining acupressure therapy and Deep Tissue massage techniques, used togeter to encourage blood eirculation and release tension include relief from constipation, IBs, headaches, sciatica, back and neck pain. Almost all feel relaxed, refreshed and much more flexible afterwards.

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Our Story

Established in 2017. Bringing the techniques of Thailand to Houston, we care for our clients and strive to bring the most relaxing, stress free environment possible, make an escape from the city without leaving the loop at We are Thai massage!

I was born and raised in Thailand and have over 500 hours of study in Thai massage. I arrived in America about 6 years ago and i am happy to share my culture and skill in helping people find relief in most all of their problems. I am a licensed therapist in Texas as well and have over 500 hours of additional training in many other types of massage.

I take pride in having a staff of professional therapists that are well qualified and hand picked to give our clients the best customer service. I am proud to welcome my clients to my business. I know my clients will feel comfortable and at ease when they walk in our door. A certain ” Zen like”energy is felt here, and i know our clients will feel at home at We Are Thai Massage.

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Services & Pricing

At our massage therapy center, each massage is customized according to the client’s individual needs as well as the therapist’s own talents and training.

30 mins (only back and shoulder)


40 mins


60 mins


90 mins


2 hours


Couple (1 hour each)


Couple (90 mins each)


Body Scrub (1 hour)


Body Scrub (90 mins)


Prenatal Massage (1 hour)


Prenatal Massage (90 mins)


Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage alternates between assisted yoga and Thai expressure for reduces muscle tension, improves blood eirculation, while relaxing and ereation well being in muscle tissue relieve tension and enhance flexibility and range of motion.

Thai Combination Massage

Combination of Thai and Swedish massage with full body aroma therapeutic oil. Hot stone helps thght muscles release and helps amplify the benefits of Thai Massage.

Swedish Massage (Relaxation)

Swedish massage is the best to start when you don’t get massage offen. The swedish massage is the combination of many different techniques rolled into one session will work with the soft tissue and muscles in the body to help restore balance and health.

Deep tissue Massage

Deep tissue Massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. Ti is especially helpful for chronic aehes and pains and centraeted areas sush as still neck and upper back, lower back pain and shoulders.

Premental Massage

Congratulations for all mothers. The treatment can being any time, during the pregnancy, most woman fell most comfortable at the end. Help relieves praynancy physical stress.

Couples Massage

How sweet when you are together share any of our massages side be side with a loved one or friend.

Reflexology (Feet Massage)

This type of application of pressure to areas on the foot and help a xxx stress. We will focus in the areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body.

Relieves headaches

Relieve headache pain, and it can also help to prevent from occurring.

Reduces back pain

Provide substantial healing and pain relief for many back problems

Revives energy

Reduce fatigue and can decrease that frequently exhaust our energy


What our Clients are Saying

Our clients have so many great things to say!

With over five years in the business, we know what you need to have the best possible experience.

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